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Landmark Bancshares, Inc.


Landmark Bancshares, Inc., established July 1, 2015 and headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, is the bank holding company for First Landmark Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary.  The company stock of Landmark Bancshares, Inc. (CUSIP 51507B) is not publicly traded. Prior to its establishment, the common stock was held in the name of First Landmark Bank (CUSIP 32067T).


Landmark Bancshares, Inc. Enters into Definitive Agreement to Join National Commerce Corporation


April 24, 2018, National Commerce Corporation (Nasdaq: NCOM) (“NCC”), the parent company of National Bank of Commerce (“NBC”), headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, and Landmark Bancshares, Inc. (“Landmark”), the parent company of First Landmark Bank, headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, jointly announced the signing of a definitive agreement providing for the merger of Landmark with and into NCC.  Subsequent to the merger, First Landmark Bank will become a part of NBC, but will continue to operate under the “First Landmark Bank” trade name and its existing management team.  The transaction is expected to result in a combined institution with approximately $4 billion in assets. READ MORE