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Safe Deposit Boxes


Securing your valuables and important papers is an important reason to open a safe deposit box with us. The boxes are available at all of our locations, come in various sizes and are rented for twelve-month terms, renewable annually. To rent a safe deposit box, the box owner must be a primary or secondary owner on a deposit account with the bank.

Important Items for Safe Deposit Boxes


  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Insurance policies
  • Passport
  • Jewelry
  • Property deeds
  • Car titles
  • Stock or bond certificates
  • Video/Photo/Listing/Appraisals of valuable household possessions
  • Irreplaceable photos
  • COPY of will, medical or durable power of attorney documents, with notation of where originals are kept
  • Confidential Company Documents and patents

Not recommended for Safe Deposit Box Safekeeping


  • Original will (especially if you are the sole renter of the safe deposit box)
  • Original medical or durable Power of Attorney documents
  • Original Living Will document
  • Cash (not insured under FDIC rules)


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